MAC REVIEW: Strobe Cream

As I sit here staring at myself after I applied my ‘everyday look’, I’m overcome with a sudden compulsion (not like me) to share the secret with you all. so, without further ado, i present to you

Dun dun duuunnnnnn


This product was recommended to me by a MAC mua when i had a makeover last month, and as soon as the glistening silver particles hit my skin i was sold.

its a really intense moisturiser that doubles up as a primer, and can also be mixed with foundation to stop it going dry and flaky on your skin. if you have dry skin like me, this is the answer to all your crusty prayers.

its not cheap, selling at £25 a bottle, but its intensity means a pea size dollop will do per use. I tend to mix it with my foundation which gives an overall glowy, dewy look to your face, but have found that putting highlighter on over the top really seals the deal for a natural shine.

its a perfect way to wake up your face at any time of the day, and holds your look on like cement. i cannot recommend it enough, but also MAC stop testing on animals

over and out


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