I feel like I own the worlds biggest guilty conscience like I’m pretty sure my body is overly desperate to hit me with tummy jumps approximately thrice hourly for things beyond my control probably more desperate than i am for constant reassurance and compliments anyway combined with my ocd i’m tellin ya kids its a life worth … More Guilt

Refusing the IDF

At the age of 18, all Israeli men and women must register to join the Israeli Army, for 3 or 2 years respectively, unless they take the option for a year out to volunteer on social grounds for joining the army, or if they declare that they cannot serve for religious reasons.  Most Jewish religious … More Refusing the IDF

Boob Deodorant

The new series from yours truly. I’m an odd gal with odd habits, but as i’ve found it, most of the things you wouldn’t dare to tell your mates; they do too. I’m definitely one for free speech (hurrah and three bloody cheers for our democracy as fucked as it is) and I really make … More Boob Deodorant