FOOD: Snacks

If you know me, you’ll know there are few things I hold dearer in my heart than snacks. A close second is probably my fake Celine bag and maybe after that my mother. After being ordered to gain weight by the doctors a few years ago (is there better news you can get from a … More FOOD: Snacks

FOOD: Vegan Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday is so close I want to cRY, because honestly in terms of amazing days of the year its verging on Christmas. bUT I am also an avid pancake lover all year round, and unfortunately they’re not the most nutritious thing to consume on the regs. So, I recently found a recipe for some … More FOOD: Vegan Pancakes

FOOD: nutella foreva

Naturally, it being 11.30pm, I got out of bed to make a Nutella mug cake from a YouTube tutorial I have just watched. There were once days where I ate ‘clean’ but I honestly would rather be happy. Whilst my metabolism allows it, my conscience will allow it. The tutorial, from CutiePieMarzia, is great; so simple … More FOOD: nutella foreva

FOOD: Muffin Much

As mentioned in my previous post, teashops, cafes, bars and restaurants are a haven for me, probably since I am an appalling cook but love good food (and especially the sweet kind). If you’re ever in Manchester, here are a few places to grab a slice of cake, sandwich, or a three course meal … : 1. … More FOOD: Muffin Much