Aeryne Paris

I recently came across this brand on Instagram and fell in love with one of their t-shirts. Not only was it super cool, but all the proceeds we’re going to fund girls education in India. Anyway, I browsed their website and found some lovely pieces that are also reasonably priced! Enjoy loves ILJY Dress Clara Jumpsuit … More Aeryne Paris

Met Gala 2017

Holy moles probably one of my favourite nights of the year is when i go to sleep the night of the Met Gala and get to wake up and see what everyone’s been wearing. Usually i’m overwhelmed and can’t get enough of everyone’s gowns, and end up posting 30 pictures of all my ‘exclusive wittled … More Met Gala 2017


I feel like I own the worlds biggest guilty conscience like I’m pretty sure my body is overly desperate to hit me with tummy jumps approximately thrice hourly for things beyond my control probably more desperate than i am for constant reassurance and compliments anyway combined with my ocd i’m tellin ya kids its a life worth … More Guilt


SO, my glorious friend georgia actually introduced me to depop a while back via her blog (here), and having trialled it and given it up around a year ago, I’ve recently got back into it via my other wonderful friend kitty (blog here). It’s a real doubled-edged sword, as whilst you intend to use it … More Depop