The Other Side Challenge

As we all know, it’s far too easy for us to criticise parts of our bodies we’re not happy with. We can hate things as prominent as our stomach or nose, to the smaller things like the fact that our underarms never look like the ones in magazines and why do they always grow back so fast?!?!

but on the other side, there’s so much we take for granted. yeah you may not love your legs, but you’re probably lucky enough to have 2 in tact that get you from A to B and allow you to wear your favourite jeans. And perhaps the hair on your arms is a little too heavy for your liking but those genes also allow you to have the worlds fullest eyelashes that mean your eyes are always striking.

i guess the point here is that there’s always another side. and i think it’s time we started exploring it and expressing our appreciation for it. for me, for example, i’ve always been disappointed in my lack of eyelashes, but on the other side, it means my legs rarely need a shave, cuz my body just isn’t one for dense or thick hairs. secondly, my hips are a little wide and padded, and i don’t slide into a size 8 like i used to. but i’m just praying that when the time comes, i’ll be able to shoot babies out like rockets, and maybe they’ll even ask me to join the circus.

so, my challenge for you is, what’s your Other Side appreciation?

Let me know in the comments below or on your own page, and let’s get this ball rolling!


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