Embracing my Natural Hair

When I turned about 14, my hair pulled a fast one on me and went from sleek and slightly wavy to all aboard the frizz train. So naturally, when I hit about 16, I bought some hair straighteners and they soon became my best friend.

For the last 5 years now I haven’t spent more than a night away from them, unwilling to wash my hair or pretty much leave the house without access to them. Luckily, God blessed me with strong hair, so I’ve managed to keep soft, healthy hair despite the 200 degree burning it gets everyday.

It’s safe to say that dealing with my hair isn’t something I enjoy. It’s a real first world burden to have to consider taming your hair before you leave the house each day. I’m sure my idea of nice hair being straight came from the media, with many celebrities in real life and films going from curly hair to straight hair as a sign of improvement (think taylor swift and mia thermopolis as respective examples).

Hilariously, I’ve always been complimented when I keep my hair naturally curly on the very rare occasion I just haven’t had time to sort it, or I’ve been forced to wash it without warning. But, despite this, I remain unconvinced.

However the other day, I watched a video about embracing naturally curly hair and I was inspired to give it a go. Obviously I’ve considered it before, but only for practical reasons. But this video presented deeper issues, too. Essentially, in changing my hair from it’s natural state, I’m apologising for how I am, and admitting to everyone and myself that me, as I was intended and how I am at my most bare, isn’t good enough.

I’m generally quite good at accepting my body, I don’t feel a need to wear make up and will happily leave the house in my PJs, so it seems my hair is the last hurdle. I’m not saying that I will never straighten it again, cuz everyone likes to get dolled up and switch up their day to day look, but I intend to lessen the frequency of straightening and apologise less when I have it natural.

So yah

Let’s see how it goes


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