I feel like I own the worlds biggest guilty conscience

like I’m pretty sure my body is overly desperate to hit me with tummy jumps approximately thrice hourly for things beyond my control

probably more desperate than i am for constant reassurance and compliments

anyway combined with my ocd i’m tellin ya kids its a life worth living

but, as i’m beyond lucky enough to see a wonderful therapist regularly, I wanted to share a few of the things she’s taught me in helping with reducing guilty feelings

I tend to feel a lot of guilt in relation to boys, thinking that any attention i get is my fault and i must’ve done something to suggest i was keen to- but you’d never believe it, stop the press and miracle though it is; that’s not the case.

shall we

uno: you cannot control others. just can’t do it. you’re not responsible for what others do, and you can’t be blamed for their actions or words. you can act in a way you think was perfectly fine, and they can turn it into something weird but thats not your fault!!! people can say/do things out of nowhere and if you didn’t encourage it actively, its not your problem. and if you did by accident, thats not your fault either. as if we all act perfectly 100% of the time.

dos: normalisation. make sure what you’re feeling guilty about is legitimately worth the guilt. I know this seems like the point, but ask a friend if they would feel bad too. 9 times out of 10 they’ll be like ‘nah lol thats fine i always do that’ and i have never heard a more calming bunch of words

and finally: act in accordance with your morals and values. basically; if someone is doing something you’re not comfortable with, you haven’t done anything wrong as long as your response and actions around them are ones you’re comfortable with. if they choose to interpret it a certain way, thats their problem, and you can’t stop them. so stick to what you know is OK in line with your beliefs and you’re good

so yeah

there you have a few tips to help ease the guilt

hope they like, yah help

we’re all fine


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