first 5 steps: Mental Health Week

seeing as its mental health awareness week here in the UK i thought I’d give anyone worried about their mental state 5 initial steps to take to get started on getting better

it’s so important to ask for help, because it’s usually something you can’t fix alone and the longer you leave it, the longer the journey back

  1. tell someone you love and you know is supportive how you’re feeling
  2. go to the MIND website and have a look to see if you can find any conditions that match your symptoms
  3. book a GP appointment and go with someone you love
  4. research meditation and mindfulness, and attempt it on your own daily. there are heaps of helpful apps, such as headspace, and stop think & breathe
  5. accept it, but know there’s relief and genuine help out there. you really aren’t the only one, no matter how bizarre your thoughts/feelings are

And there you have it! Make sure you allow yourself to be at as much peace as you can, and you’ll be fine.


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