Valentines Gifts for Him

(Jiggy look away)

How hard is it to buy for boys?! I feel like they don’t want ‘stuff’ they just want food drink or money

so, when it comes to valentines day and someone is willing to be my boyfriend over said period, I struggle to think of what to get them. If you’re lucky enough to have a boyfriend that is super into something, the task can be a little easier, but for those with a more generally interested boyfriend, it can be a task.

So I’ve put together a little list of some gifts for him, from super value to a little bit more spenny in an attempt to help you struggling gals out

shall we

Love Vouchers £6.99

or free, if you’d rather just make them. This is a cool, cheapish way to get ya dude something I’m sure he’ll appreciate. Either make or take inspo from these suggestions online, and gift him 10/15 vouchers with promises for lovely things

Nike 3 Pack Crew Socks £10

boys (in general, there are exceptions) can be less than bothered about keeping their underwear/socks stocked and in good condition, so this is just a little way to revamp their top drawer

Wall Prints £13.91

if your boyfriend has a favourite band or icon, a print for their wall, framed or not, can be a cool way to actually ensure they put your gift to use. especially if you help them put it up. it’s also super thoughtful as it’s personalised

Personalised Sound Wave Print £18

which gets us on to the genuinely personalised gifts- this being my fave. this seller (along with many others- search etsy) allows you to have your boyfriend’s favourite song’s soundwaves printed out in a colour of your choice. I used this seller last year and she was super good

Hamper of Goodies £20

Smart Gift Solutions allows you to create a personalised hamper full of soaps, candles, foods and more to suit your loved one. they are reliable, and wrap your wicker hamper in cellophane and a ribbon, with an option to write a little note.

And there you have it, a few little ideas for your bf/husband should you need it



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