Review: Kiko Milano

As mentioned hereTalia and I went to a Manchester Fashion Weekender Press Event (because we are serious journalists) and came away with a bag full of Kiko goodies. Over the last few months I’ve been trying them out and so, good people, i bring to you, a review.

1. City Filter Sunscreen £6.40

obviously, I live in the north and so sun isn’t something I’ve seen much of recently. However, this product works super well as a primer. It’s pretty much odourless, super smooth and absorbent, however it does leave you with a surface ready for your makeup to grip to. It’s great value for money considering the volume of product and the price. Also, who doesn’t love a sunscreen double up?

2. Water Eyeshadow in 224 Lavender £4.40

this eyeshadow is decently pigmented, though not amazingly.  It holds well especially when used on top of a primer. The way it’s moulded means its easy to apply with a finger and brush alike. Whilst it’s a little shimmery, it’s not one I would go for when on the hunt for sparkle.

3. Smart Colour Eye Pencil £2.50

This eye pencil is super soft, and pigmented. It smudges easily if prompted, and is a rich colour. It’s super good value again, and comes out darker or lighter easily depending on pressure applied.

4. ‘Take It All’ Beauty Kit in 02 Rosy Tones £12.95

I’m unable to find this on their website still, but it appears to be floating round the web for purchase, anyway. This little palette is such a good staple piece! It has 2 blushes and 3 eye shadows, as well as 2 brushes and an eye pencil. The palette seems to suit a darker complexion better, especially the blushes. They’re the perfect duo for a subtle contour situation, and the little brush they provide works super well for the application. I would suggest a primer underneath, though. Again, the eye pencil is super soft, and a good little spare, or handbag touch up.



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