Influential Women

in times like these when a woman-hating-stupid-haired-fuck with experience in real estate and reality tv only has taken the position of POTUS, i thought it relevant to remind us of the power of women and the achievements of our wonderful gender. sO i compiled a list of a few of my faves and offered a little explanation as to why they’re so ace

shall we

Malala Yousafzai

Malala, originally from the Swat Valley, Pakistan, has put us all to shame with her global efforts towards equality before reaching the age of 20. Targeted and shot in the face by the Taliban in 2012 for publishing her experiences as a woman living under their regime, she made a full recovery and decided against fear; instead becoming a symbol of hope and resilience. She rightfully deserved the nobel peace prize she was awarded and continues to fight for girls’ education worldwide. One thing she said which stuck with me was to appreciate being given an education, even if I don’t always enjoy my studies- there are plenty of girls who would swap places in a heartbeat.

Maya Angelou

oH GOD i dont even know where to start. Maya Angelou is an author, philanthropist and poet, amongst many other things. She came to my attention in an English class aged 15 when we studied her poem ‘Still I Rise‘ which hangs on my wall today as my all time favourite poem. Admittedly, there was a time when nicki minaj’s ‘still i rise’ was my favourite song but we’re past that now. She encourages strength, love and acceptance and I encourage anyone to youtube her name and watch some of the things she has to say. Her book ‘I know why the caged bird sings’ is also beautiful and moving, so give it a read.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen so bravely came out as gay in a time when it was far from acceptable. In doing so, she has paved the way for many in self acceptance and courage to be who they are. Aside from this, she spreads generosity and humour daily, at no ones expense, and she recently became a well deserved recipient of Obama’s Medal of Freedom for her work towards LGBTQ+ rights.

Michelle Obama

Speaking of Obamas, is there anyone cooler? as much as i adore our barack, i fucking love michelle for all she has done for the US and the world. She is a role model for all girls and women alike, assuming her role with drive and grace. From the south side of chicago (along with other greats it appears) she leaped any hurdles in her path as a woman of colour and attended harvard with her dude who later became POTUS (and my favourite to date, by far. oh god we’ll miss you) as well as pushing for girls education amongst many other efforts.

I feel like we’ve done a circle here, and so i finish by saying big up to my sisters marching around the world today- we got this



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