Review: Urban Decay

For all the vegans out there, this one’s for you.

Total Perversion Eyeliner and Mascara – £22

This duo are dynamic to say the least. They’re jet black, durable af and come in such a pretty metallic case. The eyeliner is so silky and applies easily over eyeshadow, as well as holding for ages. The thin tip means it’s able to give ultimate precision and control, which is never a bad thing

Naked Palette – £38.50

Although super effing pricey, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this palette. sweet baby jesus the colours are so pigmented you need hardly any powder on your brush for miles of coverage. that is not an exaggeration. probably 4 miles. yep. Half Baked is the perfect gold for any brown toned eye you’re aiming for, to give it a little glam and Sin is an amazing sparkly pink thats super subtle for an everyday look.

Chill Cooling and Hydrating Setting Spray – £22

hairspray for your face. who knew. however- useful and effective. I love the idea you can secure your make up on for that little extra confidence you’re not going to fuck it up in front of everyone or get grey shadows under your eyes by 11pm. They do a range of setting sprays so make sure to pick the one suitable to your skin type. Chill is for drier skin which is what I needed, which means it also has a hydrating factor in it. good that.

although it’s not a cheap place to shop, the quality is so worth and it’s also great to know you’re not supporting any cruelty. Happy shopping!


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