10 things you’ll understand if you love the kardashians

  1. $2.99 a month is a more than reasonable price to have access to the inside workings of the kardashians. its not like we see anything on their weekly reality show
  2. picking a favourite sister is important
  3. “stop taking pictures of yourself, your sister’s going to jail” is a regular way to get an easy laff
  4. kendall and kylie aren’t kardashians. they’re jeNNERS
  5. the oj simpson case has whole new dimensions now
  6. how to explain the kyga/rob&chyna situation in under a minute
  7. how to defend a family that, to be fair, did become famous because of a sex tape
  8. Jerusalem is not the holy land, calabasas is
  9. every giraffe from now on is called henry
  10. kardashian konfidential is a respectable response to “summer reading”

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