Through the Wire (Social Experiment)

We all have at least a few followers on our social medias that we aren’t close to in real life. It could be someone you met at a party once, a friend of a friend, a distant relative or maybe someone you added when you were 12 in an attempt to bump dem numbers up.

Thinking about all that got me interested in knowing how much this kind of relationship allows you to know someone. SO I sent a message to a few loyal followers who fall into one of these categories and asked them if they would be honest and answer a few questions about me, based on what I’ve presented through social media over the years. I think Dieks and I first met when we were around 11, through my childhood best friend at a disco (I cried for time in the kitchen with the mums, scared of the boys- textbook). Ruby and I may have met at the same childhoods friends 12th birthday but there’s definitely a chance I’m making that up completely. We’ve consequently followed each other on social medias for the best part of a decade, despite having close to no contact with each other in that time. Been loyal with the likes doe. As scared as I am to find out what they know, I’m sure they’re equally as scared, because honestly there’s no way not to come across creepy. But thats the reality, init

Whilst I’m hesitant to post all this information, I think it’s an eye opener to the fact that I’ve released it all already for anyone to know


shall we

(Dieks answers)

(Ruby’s answers)

how old am I?



what secondary school did i attend?

The Abbey


which uni am i at?



can you name 3 countries i’ve visited?

Italy, Thailand and France

Australia, Spain and America

do i have a boyfriend/ex boyfriends and if so, do you know their names?


Yes you have an ex boyfriend

do i have siblings?

Yes, 2 or 3


what do i study at uni?

English Lit


could you name any of my interests (tv shows, music, hobbies)?

Keeping up with the Kardashians and I think you used to be into horse riding


do i have any illnesses (mental/physical)?



wheres my home town?



So, the average answers are about 3/10, which is, to be honest, really effing comforting. I think either it shows that there isn’t as much to gage from people’s social medias as we think, but imma say it’s probably more the case that people just aren’t that bothered in what others are doing online. I think we’re probably more concerned with our own accounts than others. obviously if you know someone in real life you may be more concerned with what they’re doing as you can relate the experiences to someone, but to a stranger, we’re prob not that exciting. which is fair enough really init

And there we have it. Thank you so much to Ruby and Dieks for taking part!!


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