Top 10 grams from 2016

My Instagram highlights from 2016


This photo of my three siblings was taken in Tel Aviv city centre in April, during a free festival that the city put on to celebrate Purim. It was a really fun day and one of the first times we did something as a group of 4, which is a lovely feeling when you all grow up and are able to enjoy time as friends, not just family.


This is (obviously) a photo of the medal I got after completing the Manchester 10k in May. I’m no athlete, so this was a huge achievement for me and something I’m still too proud of.


Ah, Wyoming. This is a photo of our wrangler Kendall, during a morning ride in the mountains. Below us is a vast flat land, which is unusual since we were surrounded by mountains. It’s also candid, which I think adds loads to the photo.


This is me, overlooking a valley in Yellowstone Park. My outfit that day made me look chunky so I asked mum to take one from behind. She’s a Mario Testino in the makin I’m telling ya. As with all these things; the photo doesn’t do it justice.


yeezy yeezy yeezy. Spotted on Melrose Avenue in LA, posted a day before Kim Kardashian put the same thing on her snapchat. oH the pride. Stop copying me, Kimberly.


Little Jig in front of Edinburgh Castle, during the Fringe festival in August. He actually said “Where’s the castle then?” whilst stood in this exact spot. But we love him anyway.


Me, at the coffee shop where I worked all summer, taken by my tiny cousin, Louise. It was taken during one of my last days of the 2 months I spent there and I loved it.


My sister Olivia and I, before my cousin Noam’s wedding in Israel. It was an incredible event, and bless us we tried.


Christmas Day at home. Completely ridiculous, and candid as ever. Taken the moment we hit the floor after trying to balance on each other for a sis pic. Olivia winded herself as she face planted, and I found it hilarious.


Jiggy Smalls and I dressed as David Cameron and a pig. Infer from that what you will. Taken at a Halloween Party in Sheffield it was a laugh and a half that resulted in a month long pink scalp.



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