Boob Deodorant


The new series from yours truly.

I’m an odd gal with odd habits, but as i’ve found it, most of the things you wouldn’t dare to tell your mates; they do too. I’m definitely one for free speech (hurrah and three bloody cheers for our democracy as fucked as it is) and I really make a point of voicing taboo topics, so that others feel less inhibited.

Anyway, I thought that a good a reason as any to take a Tuesday (or every other) to mention a little summat summat unusual or taboo or just straight up eh??? in an attempt to connect us all a little more.

So, without further ado, this weeks topic is .. .. . …

boob deodorant. yah. sweet

who knew it was a thing? Lush did. that’s who. and they created a bloody ace product. I did an embarrassing amount of research when it first occurred to me I could do with such a product and made my decision off the trusty always truthful never deceiving marvellous internet. but did they let me down??? bloody hell they did not.

Silky Underwear is a dusting powder created by Lush, as a skin finishing product, aimed at giving you smooth, balanced skin. It’s a talcum power of sorts, with a jasmine scent and a texture oh so velvety, costing you an incredibly reasonable £4.95.

It can be used wherever you so fancy for whatever you so fancy but it works as a boob deodorant like i’ve never known. It’s all natural, non harmful, no chemicals which eliminates the fears many have of using regular deodorant to such a sensitive area. It leaves you at the end of the day with dry but hydrated skin and keeps you smelling funky fresh. winner all round.



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