Review: Return of the MAC


Despite their use of animal testing, I do love MAC. I’m probably going to credit this to our Tal and her 16 thousand lipsticks, but encouraged by my lovely gals who bought me a MAC makeover and voucher for my birthday, I’m on my way to being a representative.

As of late I’ve been gifted and received a few pieces from MAC which I thought I’d share as a friendly suggestion to anyone keen for some new cosmetic pieces.

Shall we?

  1. Mascara – Upward Lash £19

This mascara was something I bought on a whim last summer in Malibu (whatever), simply because I had spending money and was told it was an ‘investment’. 18 months later I’m continually pleased with my purchase. I’ve used it regularly and it hasn’t even began drying up, nor has it appeared to be running out. I tend to apply this first for a general coating, and then swoop in with a bigger firmer brush to separate my eyelashes. The only downfall with this product is perhaps that it is too wet.

2. Eyeshadow – Burgundy Times Nine £25

This palette is heavenly. I was gifted it from Santa (legend) and have had loads of fun with it since. With my darker hair/complexion, pinks and reds seem to suit, and this palette has pretty much all the colours you’ll need for a red tinted smokey eye. It’s suitably pigmented (though nothing compares to Urban Decay), so finish the look I tend to add ‘half baked’ from my naked palette. Unfortunately, the golden shade from this one just isn’t as bold. It’s also worth mentioning the shades in this palette are more shimmery than they seem online.

3. Lipstick – Brave £15.50

My first MAC lipstick; receiving this was almost a loss of virginity kind of feeling. All those years wondering what it would be like and before you know it it’s happened. Admittedly, this colour is stunning, but more so on a blonde. Tals rocks this colour like I’ve never known, and so does Chloe Lewis from TOWIE but we can’t be sure. On a blonde complexion it comes out pink and subtle, however with my darker tones it’s more brown. Still super subtle and flattering.

4. Lipstick – Kinda Sexy £15.50

This colour is the shit. This peachy colour works a treat, making you look prettier but without drawing any attention that you’re wearing a lipstick. It’s ace with dark hair and I love it. Make sure to have moisturised lips with both of these lipsticks, as they are entirely unforgiving of anything chapped.


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