FOOD: Snacks


If you know me, you’ll know there are few things I hold dearer in my heart than snacks. A close second is probably my fake Celine bag and maybe after that my mother. After being ordered to gain weight by the doctors a few years ago (is there better news you can get from a doctor?!), it was suggested I fill a basket in my room full of junk and whenever I passed it; grab something to eat. Before this, I had preeeetty much been a savoury kinda gal, and to be honest unless I happened to have goodies, wouldn’t go out of my way for them.

But like all the worst things in life, a few months later I found myself horrifically addicted and since then, it’s honestly been a battle. There have been periods of relative health, but in the end it always finds me. I will get through a family pack of biscuits in one evening and have been known to ingest a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting without rest on more than one occasion. (Trick is not to move- don’t meddle with the balance. Power on.) Coming to uni I assumed I just wouldn’t buy it and therefore wouldn’t eat it, but it turns out I get really upset if I want it and it’s not there, so basically I’m fucked. And Talia’s a bad influence.

Although I don’t encourage this type of behaviour, I have learned a thing or two about the best snacks around, and thought I’d share them with you, should you feel a desire to ruin your health and bank balance. So leggo.

  1. Ben and Jerry’s- I stick with Phish Food and Cookie Dough but I won’t judge. We’re a family here. Chuck on toppings should you need, maltesers work a dream.
  2. Doritos. Cool Original with Philadelphia and sweet chilli sauce is a winner like no other, but to save money and prep time (every minute counts) swap in cool original with chilli heatwave and cut out the sweet chilli sauce. This isn’t a game. (Have had to take 5 minutes break from writing as became tempted and started eating Doritos and eating requires full attention).
  3. Dates! A fuckin healthy one! The only thing I’ve found stodgy, sticky and sweet enough to nearly substitute unhealthy cravings.
  4. The chocolate/sweet combo. Key element is strawberry laces. Take any chocolate, be it cubes of a bar or individuals pieces, grab a marshmallow and tie the two together with a strawberry lace. Yet to meet someone unconvinced.
  5. Maryland cookies. I recently finished off a 3 month old pack from Talia’s room (see) that were legit soft but I really feel this only shows their worth, soft, crunchy or dipped in tea.

And there you have it. All the life knowledge you’ll ever need.


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