2016 in reflection


we’ve now reached a point where 2007 is 10 years ago and if that doesn’t make you feel 10,000 years old i don’t know what will.

2016 was a year with ups and downs (ever heard that before?) but overall imma give it a thumbs up. despite the dark stormy clouds it threw my way, none have been without silver linings and i’m clinging to the idea the trials and tribulations only make you better and stronger.

starting the year with a less than pleasant date, I quickly learned some boys really do just want your body. who knew. doesn’t feel ace, but the silver lining to have come from said ordeal was that when a nice boy came along, he was easy to tell. Big up to boys with an ability to respect women (ey up to our Jig, letting me choose whether or not I want to be touched. love u long time).

to expand, the year turned around rapidly when I bumped into our manc lad on a glamorous night in Sheffield. I chased him round the club for a solid 2 hours and 9 months later he’s still trying to get away. It’s been a completely different experience to any I’ve had before, and honestly I’ve never felt so comfortable being entirely myself. Mental craziness and all. I guess thats the aim, really, init.

moving on, I had the most insane adventure in Wyoming over the summer, exploring a part of the world previously alien to me. mum and I flew to Chicago and then out to the world’s smallest airport (think Sitka airways a la ‘The Proposal’) and arrived in Jackson Hole. It’s an area that has the most beautiful landscapes and heavenly weather. it’s entirely warm but without an ounce of humidity which meant my hair dried in ways it never has before. we were trusted to jump on horses and gallop through the mountains on day one, without any previous experience. we stayed in log cabins and were fed top class meals 3 times a day. to be honest, this cloud was shiny and bright and I won’t hear anything against it.

I also moved out of halls which was impressively moving despite how much I disliked the whole experience. But my room held a lot of memories and it was my little cave of comfort when i first moved to a new city. god i get emotional even thinking about it. weird how a breeze block cell in an industrial type building can feel so much like home. but on the plus side, I moved into my house with my frans and it’s been better than i think any of us could have expected. you never know how you’ll cope living with people you haven’t before, but so far so good. and they’re ace people. clean, too. generally.

but then, obviously, it’s me and it’s never been hugely plain sailing when it comes to my thinking box. this year brought a new diagnosis which is never an easy pill to swallow, and consequently lots of therapy and medication. whilst I genuinely enjoy the therapy, the pills less so much cuz they rob you of sleep for time and i’m not a fan. The whole thing also progressed past a point I promised I wouldn’t let it, which has meant I have lost many friendships since I just don’t have it in me to attend social things. However, this cloud (rainy and lightening shooting as it is) has been liberating an enabled a recovery process I wasn’t sure I’d get. It’s allowed me to act as a push for those considering help and get the relief I so desperately needed jesus fucking christ it’s a shitter. But I’m still laughing at it as ever, cuz the fact I spend half my day blinking in sets of 4 is hilarious to anyone. And, i think it’s working. so thats good, too.

so, looking forward to 2017, I’m aiming for a few things. Uno; start being a yes man, not a no man. get back on the horse. dos; start exercising for the love of god ella you’re a wheezing mess and everyone will stop and stare at you as you walk past and say look at her she’s weAK. three; stop counting in spanish- you got to number two. four; put more effort into your academic work. you canny be averaging 50 this year counts. and finally, join indian dance society.


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