LIFE: Christmas Shopping

It’s November again, I’ve just had my first mince pie, I’ve listened to the Pogues and I spent the morning christmas present hunting. Like, for other people to get me, not for me to get others. With my birthday less than a month from Christmas, it’s so hard to come up with two lists (fuckin woe is me can anyoNE shed a tear) so here are a few suggestions if you’re a uni student and need some presenspiration. .. sound

shall we

  1. Underwear
  2. Fairy lights
  3. Candles
  4. supermarket vouchers
  5. wall hanging
  6. jewellery
  7. posters
  8. a blanket
  9. cool lamps
  10. new shoes
  11. PJs
  12. printer paper
  13. clothes hangers
  14. toiletries
  15. mugs

towards the end there just listed my actual list but the point stands

useful and pointless you’re in for a real mix of emotions on your 25th morning of the month

happy christmas from me on the 13th of november



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