Paris in the Springtime

This past weekend was my little cousins 21st birthday. She is, in fact, older than me but she’s still small. Since she is studying at the Sorbonne on her year abroad, the whole family, plus extras, took it upon ourselves to descend upon Paris for one night (and one night only) to celebrate.

Admittedly, and not unusually, I was pessimistic about the trip as I have been so busy at uni recently, and honestly, v stressed. I had also been to Paris for a weekend in January and as horrifically ungrateful as it sounds, I wasn’t dying to go again so soon. But, after writing my essay on the train home and then an early start on Saturday to the airport, I was ready to get there, play nice and get back to Manchester. However, as the universe loves to remind us, things never go as planned, and I ended up having a really amazing time.

After dropping our bags we set out for lunch at a cafe, where we bumped into family and it set a great mood. The next two days were filled with amazing food, even better company, beautiful sights and atmospheres. Paris is magical always, but even more so in the sunshine, and we were lucky to have bright weather (for the most part). We ate crepes and croissants, roamed the balcony lined streets and botanical gardens, gave presents and had a real laugh. I don’t forget how lucky I am to just hop the pond to such a famous city for one night, as the message on the group chat: “Ella can’t come to watch Frozen this weekend as she’s in Europe” reminded me. I am hugely appreciative and this has been a good lesson.

So, I’ve attached a few photos of my trip, enjoy.



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