FASHUN: The Oscars

Still emotional about our Leo. Watched a few “Leo DiCaprio// Hot” videos on YouTube with Tal yesterday in celebration. What a time to be alive.

Moving on (not that I want to ), The Oscars red carpet this year was the ish. So many bomb looks, I can only hope to one day have an occasion to dress up like some of the laydeez who were werkin it Sunday night. My favourite fashion is high fashion, ball gowns, wedding dresses and formal wear; I’m obsessed with it. I’ve never been one to love a casual only look, I’d rather be in agony than comfort, and rather wear the fuckin shoes that rip my feet apart if it means I’m coordinated.  What an enriched life I lead. I’ve never been a tomboy, always a massive girly girl and so these gowns are right up my street as they exude femininity, elegance and class. Humble. Anywaaay, this year was no different as I awoke to read the ever reliable and honourable Daily Mail to check out the material hanging from the attendees, and here are ma favES:


For some reason I’m obsessed with this look. Rooney Mara gives off an almost oriental vibe with her dark hair and bold lip in contrast with her fair complexion and dress.


Maybe I love the look, maybe I just love Rachel McAdams. Who knows. I’m into it though as I’m all for a deep green matched with a metal. The dress is so simple but the backless element adds some interest, as do the silver shoes. Spicin it up with dem tassels, Rachel.


Our favourite actress whose name we are all unable to pronounce killed it in this numba. Once again a deep green giving off all the right vibes, once again spiced up with some shimmer and a low cut. I also love so much that as the dress reaches the floor it  fades a little into a semi opaque consistency, adding a little interest. This shape of dress is one of my all time favourites, clinging and falling in all the right places.


It sounds awful, but to really love this dress I chopped the head off Daisy Ridley. I just don’t feel her hair and makeup suited the dress as well as it could have, but regardless, this Chanel number is still a stunner. I’m obsessed with any embroidery, especially the kind that’s delicate and glitters, and the pastel blue colour is so perfect and cool. I also love the excess material that gathers at the waist and at the bottom, so that the whole piece isn’t too overwhelming and glam.


I love Chrissy Teigen for her character but there’s also no denying she knows how to do pregnancy.  This dress was a perfect choice to match her completion and shape. It compliments her bump as well as keeping it sexy and feminine. Take note, Kimmy. I love the deep red and the fact that although there is a nude colour keeping the dress a solid piece, the detail is the only visible element. The lack of accessories only encourages the effect of the embroidered detail, which is in itself enough to be interesting as a look. Naiiiiled it.


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