Love Yourself

As expressed by the Shakespeare of our day, inspiration to the people, music maker for the masses; JB himself.

My reasons to love your body, even if you don’t like it:

  1. Because hating it won’t change it.
  2. Because you’d rather be known for your bomb personality, humour and intelligence.
  3. Because your mother gave it to you and so to disrespect it is to disrespect her.
  4. Because the older you get the more you will wish you would’ve appreciated it then.
  5. Because life is short and good food (within reason) is something simple to gain pleasure from. Don’t ruin it with guilt.
  6. Because you can define what’s attractive. And confidence is attractive.
  7. Because everyone’s taste is different and you won’t please everyone regardless.
  8. Because Instagram doesn’t define what’s ‘better’.
  9. Because hating it wastes a lot of energy and causes a lot of unnecessary upset. Cry that he hasn’t text you back instead.
  10. Because the more you accept it, I promise; the more you’ll like it.

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