LIFE: Ooh, friend!

When you’re growing up, your friends are just the people you hang out with to have a good time. If you’re lucky, you haven’t got a lot to worry about, so really, you don’t need your friends to be more than a good laugh and chat.
However, as we all get older (I am 20, in case I haven’t mentioned [har har har] and therefore v v wise) we need our friends a lot more, to be a genuine guide, support, love and presence around us. There becomes a difference in those who you consider friends and those who are simply acquaintances. I would only class a handful of people as friends of mine; being those who I am in regular contact with and to whom I offer support and energy, and receive the same in return. I really don’t think I’m the perfect friend. I’m well aware I fall at friendship hurdles, act selfishly or thoughtlessly. But, I love being an active friend, and I when I can control my actions I try to keep my friendships strong and animated.
Here are a few ways I show my appreciation to my friends, that may inspire you:
1. Sending a card.
These days all our messages seem to be done over the internet, and due to the simplicity of a Facebook message, the sentiment can be shrivelled. Instead, pop to your local card shop and pick up a card that fits your friend, or your friendship with a certain person perfectly, and send it to them in the post. Plus, theres bound to be some hilarious cards lurking, so if nothing else you’ve had a free hour of entertainment.
2. Send some treats in the post.
Admittedly, this one requires a little more effort and generosity, but who can deny a surprise parcel is one of life’s greatest joys. is an amazing website that allows you to create and personalise a hamper for a friend and have it delivered to their door.
3. Keep up with their plans and going-ons.
Naturally, keeping up with someone else’s life can be tricky when you’re so engulfed in your own. But someone ringing you to ask how something you mentioned last week went, lets them know you’re interested in their successes as well as your own. If you have trouble remembering, make little notes to yourself and leave them somewhere to remind yourself of what it was they mentioned.
4. Be where they are!

If a friend is facing something publicly, such as starting a new job in a cafe, or performing in a show, make every effort to be there in person to show your support. Everyone wants to feel proud, and knowing a friend has witnessed you in your success will do just that.



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