FOOD: Muffin Much

As mentioned in my previous post, teashops, cafes, bars and restaurants are a haven for me, probably since I am an appalling cook but love good food (and especially the sweet kind). If you’re ever in Manchester, here are a few places to grab a slice of cake, sandwich, or a three course meal … :

1. Teacup Kitchen

Although this cafe also serves proper food, I would personally highly recommend going there for the cake. The carrot cake is the best I’ve had and the white chocolate cake is stupidly tasteful. The slices are huge and so whilst I’m tempted to say get one slice to share, I’m more inclined to say believe in yourself and don’t be a quitter. And also get a doggy back for when you get home and need a pick me up from the low after having the best cake of your life. They also have a range of teas and hot drinks that is extensive and impressive. This place is, however, pricey, so prepare yourself for a dearer bill than expected.

2. Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni, at the top of the Oxford Road, is a perfect place for lunch (especially if someone else is paying). It’s not overly priced but it’s definitely not a student location. The food is divine, however, and I would highly recommend the deep fried calamari, prawn and whitebait starter, and the mushroom risotto as a main. The strawberries and cream for dessert isn’t a bad choice either.

3. Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

Finally a student spot! This little open ended shack is the coolest spot for lunch in Manchester. It serves grilled cheese sandwiches, all come with pickle and coleslaw. Plus, there are many an option of extras to go inside the sandwich, including my favourite; macaroni cheese (!!!), pulled pork, and marmite to name a few. This place is reasonably priced but doesn’t have free tap water due to it’s location, so be prepared with a bottle of water if you don’t want to buy drinks.

4. Fig + Sparrow

Finally, the sweetest little cafe/trinket shop. Located in the edgy Northern Quarter, this little lunch spot was a lucky find of mine last weekend. At the back of a cute shop this little cafe area serves wholesome, hearty food including sandwiches and soup. It is very well priced and offers perfect lunch options.

And there you have it! All definitely worth a visit for a satisfied soul and stomach.


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