LADY LOVE: Kendall

I’ve always been envious of Kendall Jenner since I started watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians age 14. She’s literally 2 weeks older than me, which means I often find myself looking in the mirror and asking myself what I’ve done with my life so far. However, as much as I would despise her fame, I wouldn’t complain for a minute to have her body, face, or closet. I’m always dying over her outfits she so gracefully works each and every day; but as Talia and I say, if we had a ‘glam squad’, we’d look that good too. Lol. You’ll all be pleased to hear I’m also over my tragic attempt at a Manchester, edgy style, and so hopefully will be back to attempting to recreate Kendall’s looks with the little money I have. And then failing. 🙂
I tried to compile a short list of my favourite outfits of hers, but I got as far back as June last year and had too many already. So here’s what I got, before I saved 40 photos of Kendall to my laptop.
And if you’re keen for the other photos I couldn’t fit in, enjoy.

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