I need a dollar (or 500)

There is no one or thing that can stop me spending my money. I have had jobs for the last few years so there would some justification in my habits, were my level of obsession not so ludicrous. My two favourite things to spend money on are food and clothes. I would spend my life in changing rooms and restaurants if I could but work and stuff happens and life sucks. Whilst I would like to say this is a post to encourage my habits to cease, it’s going to be nothing but a celebration of the goodies I’ve treated (they can’t be classed as treats at this point) myself to over the last few months, and where to find them, were you to find yourself lusting over a new red satin dress. Just sayin.
Numero uno: This dress is my Selena Gomez wannabe number, yet to be put into public use but anticipated highly and it is a DREAM:

The coat that has come in oh so handy over the last three weeks of NON STOP RAIN. Take me back to the south:

I’m so into turtlenecks these days, now I can finally wear them without looking like an overly developed toddler and they are just so toasty. I have picked up a few from around the place, but this Urban Outfitters piece of Ivory smoothness is my fave:

I’d like to say sorry in advance to my mustard yellow hating friends (Georgia I’m looking at you), but I’d also like to say I’m not sorry at all because this jumper is so warm and the ideal partner to the above turtle neck to lounge around, go for a coffee, or slouch into a lecture theatre in. I chose it in yellow but the other colours are also to die for and just yes in every way:

I found this little numba on the sales rack label free and it is nowhere to be found online, but it is Urban Outfitters again and I thought it would be perfect for drinks in the winter with tights and a leather jacket, or in the summer for a BBQ. (…Listen to me justifying my inexcusable actions):

And thats a fraction of my purchases since September. Doing this post has, admittedly, shone a light on a hard hitting reality that said addiction may be a bigger problem then anticipated but..  At least it’s not drugs. … ?…

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