Ho ho how is it already Christmas?

Definitely haven’t been taking my days seriously as its now December and I’ve forgotten Christmas is weeks away and I am yet to buy a single present. I did, however, find no problem in coming up with my own list, so if you’re struggling for stocking fillers here’s some ideas:
1. Nail polish:
Either stock up on some dark/sparkly colours for the festive season, or be extra organised and refill your pastels for next summer already. Two I received recently have been Chanel’s ‘Rouge Noir’ (perfect for winter and formal shenanigans) and Essie’s ‘mint candy apple’ which is going to be next summer’s dream. Regardez ici:
2. A Make Up Bag:
I have always used fake designer make up bags purchased in foreign countries and they have served me well, but this year I have asked for a Topshop one. However, I have seen some beauties generated from Ted Baker if you’re wanting something more glam, as can be appreciated below:
3. Photos:
I find that the thought of all our photos being only a digital copy is horrifying. So while it’s not too expensive, a great present is to ask all your photos online to be printed out physically to fill albums or walls. snapfish.co.uk is the ish.
4. Underwear and Socks:
Always a winner, and always useful. Topshop do the best deals and the products have always been good quality. Won’t attach photos; each to their own.
5. Essentials:
The toiletries you always need but don’t want to buy, as they’re somewhat of a human right. Use this as a chance to stock up on moisturiser, fragrant soaps, face wipes, and nail polish remover.
6. Bedroom decor:
I’m forever wanting more fairy lights, cushions and coasters. All these little things are perfect to add a little more to your situation that isn’t just necessity.
Happy spending and receiving playas!

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