LIFE: Death before Veganism

“A meal isn’t a meal without meat.” “But what about bacon?” “I love meat too much; I couldn’t.”

I love meat, I love bacon, and I’m really not one for animals. I never rescued stray animals, nor did I ever feel the need to pet a nearby dog. When my older sister turned vegetarian, and then vegan a few years ago I had the time of my life judging her eccentric ways and ensuring her animals are just animals and so fuck em. But a few years on, and a really great ethics module later I’ve found myself slowly but surely following her footsteps.

I have no intentions of persuading people to become a vegetarian or vegan, but since my transition to vegetarianism around 8 months ago, and then my extension into cutting out pure milk and eggs 2 months ago, I’ve become tired of feeling awkward and ashamed to admit my eating habits. I find myself justifying my (only good) intentions to others so I won’t be viewed as a ‘dramatic’, or if possible, avoiding getting into a discussion about it at all, further than the fact that it is what I do.

I’m sure having read these opening paragraphs you’ll be thinking “Christ here we go. She’s become a raving veggie on the war path to save her fluffy bunnies”. I would too. But, it amazes me how much vegans are shit on. They’re literally making their lives harder, to save the torture and murder of animals daily, and we still like to mock them. (Actually, this is going to be really hard to not be an argumentative essay against meat eaters but I promise to try).

I’m not offended when I see someone eating meat, I don’t view them as a worse person, but I do think to be a meat eater one must accept they’re being selfish. And that’s fine to accept, if it’s how you want to live your life. We are all selfish in plenty of other ways. Someone I met recently said “I heard somewhere everyone has a small percentage of evil to them, that they express in a certain way. And I’ve chosen mine to be meat eating”. I loved this, but unfortunately I use my data up in other areas so must continue avoiding burgers.

However; I’m so interested as to why vegetarianism and veganism have a bad stigma attached. I think many view it as extreme or irrelevant, attention seeking to be like mother Theresa, or hippy. But I mainly think its because of the lack of light shone on the topic of animal cruelty. If people weren’t so afraid of the stigma, more people would educate themselves on the issues the meat and dairy industry pose to our planet and perhaps even consider it.

Beep. Rant over. And if you’re interested:

And if you’re not, thats cool too.

(And also..even though we shouldn’t mock..):


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