MUSIC:”…and I tried to like you” (Bon Iver)

One of the best things that’s ever been said to me. Hilarious then, even better now. Someone I dated years ago introduced me to Bon Iver and I was instantly sold. Their music is so chill and easy to listen to, I spent a literal summer listening endlessly. However, as 17-year-olds are, once we broke up I couldn’t face the music (ha ha ha what) for so long, and v sadly forgot it was a thing.
However, I fell upon it recently and so gratefully was able to appreciate it all over again, without so much of the feels. Lolz. Admittedly, it’s still super nostalgic, as I have specific times and places linked to specific songs, but 3 years later I just don’t care and can enjoy the music only for what it is.:):):)))
SO, here are my faves from Bon Iver, perfect for sleeping to, working to, bathing to, or writing blog posts to:
1. For Emma:
2. Flume
3. Skinny Love
4. I Cant Make You Love Me/ Nick of Time (cover):
5. Towers:

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