LIFE: 20

I can’t cope with the fact that in less than 2 weeks I will be out of my teens and in the section commonly known as the ‘twenties’. I still don’t know how to do anything I really thought I would have a grip on by now, but hey ho, maybe by 30 we’ll have more luck.
I do, however, feel super happy with where I’ve ended up at this milestone, and particularly at the moment where I feel somewhat out of the woods and a little more head above water, after the fun-sized rocks life has thrown at me over the last few months. My life in Manchester is only getting better and I have a lot of happiness. So here’s a few things I’m happy about and grateful for:
1. My friends. Obviously. I’ve got such a good bunch and they each bring me a little nugget of something unique. Louise, you’ll never know the extent to which you’ve brought me happiness and strength. Lucy, you are my sister from v different parents but the best person I know. Georgia, you’re a go getter and an inspiration for all of us at doing things your way and not apologising. Katie, I couldn’t find a more fun person if I tried, with an equally caring heart. Milly, I will never have to wonder if you’ll be there for me; you’re like a beam of sunshine. NoNo you’re stronger than you know and picking on you is my favourite. Isy, yous a killa, and I can always reach to you for an immoral laugh. Shreeya, you’re so kind, loyal, and the respect I have for you couldn’t be higher. Tamsin, you’re our little butterfly, we are all beyond proud of who you’ve become!!! Hayley, you’re the tiniest fireball and my sister in strength. I’d hate to be your ex boyfriend.
2. My family. I’m well aware I’m the black sheep, and the endless mocking of my choice of clothes isn’t always appreciated, but they are truly great and I’ve been really lucky with natures pick of siblings and parents alike.
3. University. Manchester becomes more like home everyday and I, again, have been so lucky with the people I have met and the surroundings I see everyday. And to those who couldn’t fathom me actually surviving the uni life in a uni city (siblings)- check it.
4. My health! So far, so good. I’ve self diagnosed myself all the illnesses that are possible, and I am convinced death is coming for me daily, but I am so lucky, again, to be able to say I’m all good and this is really something that perhaps due to my hypochondriac nature I appreciate every day.
5. My reaaal home. Oxford and its dreaming spires will always fill me with a special feeling of home and I love that it’s there waiting for me when I come home.
6. Being able to help others out. For someone so undeservingly fortunate I don’t find more happiness than in helping others less fortunate out. Try doing a coffee round for the homeless- it’ll make your week.

7. The ability to travel. I have been all over the world and I can’t wait to keep going. I notoriously like to moan that I don’t like being away but it is such a luxury to be able to explore the world and in the last year I’ve visited some beautiful places. I finally got to live out my Kardashian dreams in Beverly Hills, channel every romcom in existence in Central Park, steam in a snow-surrounded hot tub in Iceland, seek the beauty in nature in Ireland, practice my oh so gentle German in Berlin, eat spaghetti in Italy and pretend to be wealthy in St Tropez. …I really need to plan where’s next.

8. The peace around me. In light of recent events of terror and tragedy I am thankful for the calm and stability that directly affects me.

I am so excited to be leaving my teens for the next 10 year chunk of my life, my only hope that the above stay with me.

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